Some important hints about template editing

  • Disable code cleaning of your editor. Otherwise some arguments may be lost.
  • JooDB has a built in code editor. You can switch it on with the general options of JooDB.
  • Don't edit styles here. Take a look at /media/joodb/css/joodb.css
  • If you want to keep changes on update, copy /media/joodb/css/joodb.css and the fonts to your template folder
  • You find the default templates in /administrator/components/com_joodb/assets/
  • Remember [joodb field|FIELDNAME] is replaced by field content.
  • You can also use the select boxes below the editor elements.
  • You must have two [joodb loop] arguments in the catalog template.

This text is part of the JooDB default template for lists in administrator/components/com_joodb/listview.tpl. Simply delete this in the catalog-view template of your database.

Titel/NameOrder by:  Id  Item_name

No data - The result was empty


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